Prevention Tips: Sand Chafing Rash on Kids at the Beach

Prevention Tips: Sand Chafing Rash on Kids at the Beach

Many kids get excited about playing at the beach, leading to wet nappies and swimsuits that sit in the itchy sand for hours. While it may not be a cause for concern during the day, these rashes can be painful when you try to bathe kids later on. Even worse, sunscreen can cause further irritation to these little bumps if you decide to go back outside the next day. 

Kids' enjoyment at the beach shouldn't be hampered by wet nappies and sandy swimsuits causing rashes and discomfort. To ensure a pleasant beach experience for your little ones, we've compiled some helpful tips to prevent sand chafing rashes in kids of all ages.

  1. Apply Aquaphor Prior to Sunscreen: Before applying sunscreen, create a protective barrier by applying Aquaphor or a healing balm to areas prone to chafing. This will keep the skin moisturized, preventing friction caused by wet swimsuits and sand and ensuring their comfort throughout the day.

  2. Bring an Extra Change of Clothes and Swim Nappies: Having extra pairs of swimsuits, clothes, and nappies on hand can be a lifesaver at the beach. If your time outdoors exceeds a few hours, changing their clothes and keeping them dry and clean is advisable. Even if they don't complain of irritation, it's better to be proactive and ensure their happiness all day long.

  3. Bring Beach Chairs to Escape the Sand: Consider bringing beach chairs to create a designated area where kids can relax and enjoy snacks while drying off. Chairs provide an elevated and sand-free space, reducing the chances of sand saturation from dirty feet and wind. They can be especially useful during extended beach days.

  4. Use The Zippy By Rad Kids After Swimming: The Zippy by Rad Kids, a thick hooded towel with a zipper, is a perfect solution for kids. It covers most of their bodies, effectively drying them off and protecting them from the sand. Even if they prefer to stay in their wet clothes, the hooded towel will keep them covered and absorb excess water. This hands-free option allows them to play for hours without additional hassle.

In summary, sand chafing can be a common issue, but it doesn't have to ruin your beach day. By following these tips, you can prevent discomfort and ensure everyone enjoys their time swimming and building sandcastles by the seashore.

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