5 Reasons Why the Zippy by Rad Kids Hooded Towels are a Must-Have Every Day of the Year

Kids Hooded Towels with Zip | Kids Zip Up Towel

You’ve had another beautiful day at the beach, was just the right temperature, the kids played nicely in the sand and were well behaved out in the surf, but now it’s time to pack up and head home – you sigh. It’s time for the most difficult part, when you’re trying to get the kids dry, changed, and back in the car without anyone getting upset or getting wet sand all over the car. It sounds dramatic, but it can really spoil the day, can’t it?

Here in Australia, most of us are lucky enough to live less than an hour from a beautiful beach, and we want our kids to take advantage of that, but it can be trouble getting them to and from the beach when they’re wet and tired.

That’s why we created our Zippy by Rad Kids Kids Towel Hoodies and here are 5 reasons why you need one for your child whether you’re heading to the beach or just to your pool. (or swimming lessons!)

Why You Need Kids Hooded Towels: Keeps Kids Warm

As soon as the cool air hits teeth start chattering – if there’s even a hint of a cooler breeze it will start chilling our little ones whether they’ve just walked out of the surf or climbed out the pool. No one likes catching a chill, but for our little ones it can cause tears if they’re tired or uncomfortable, or even make them vulnerable to catching something – especially at the local pool. Our hooded towels are made from thick, luxurious 100% cotton with long sleeves, long hems, and hoods to protect to keep them warm the moment they’re out of the water.  

Why You Need a Kids Zip Up Towel: Dries Kids Off

With Zippy Kids Hooded Towels there is no more struggling to rub kids dry as they moan about the sand on their skin – just cover them up with the hooded towel and they’ll be dried by the high absorbency velour towel even as they continue to run, play, or walk home.  

Why You Need a Towel Hoodie: Stop Getting Sand on the Car Seats 

Sand gets everywhere after a day of playing on the beach, but somehow it all seems to collect in the car. Our kids zipper beach towels make it easy to put kids straight in the car without worrying about damp, sandy seats.

Why You Need Towel Hoodies: Save Time 

Ever glanced at your watch and realised you’re going to be late for another appointment? While this isn’t too much trouble if you’re at home and dry, leaving the beach or the pool in a hurry can lead to disaster. Instead ensuring everyone’s dry and ready to go you can zip them up in their Zippy by Rad Kids kids zip towel  and be on your way as soon as possible.

Why You Need Kids Hooded Towels: No Awkward on-the-Beach Changing

Everyone remembers trying to change out of wet swimwear on the beach as their mum or dad holds up a towel to hide them – and not doing a particularly good job. When your own children have a zipper hooded towel you can get them ready in swimwear at home, travel to the beach or pool in their zipper hooded towels, and travel home in them again after. Easy peasy!

Zippy by Rad Kids Hooded Towels make those days on the beach or at the pool a breeze, more fun and comfortable for the kids, and more relaxing for you. You’ll only wish you had one too! To see our full range of kids hooded towels and order your own, simply click here. 

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