5 Places Where a Zippy (Kids Hooded Towels) is a Win for Kids & Parents!

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Sydney (and Australia in general) is such an incredible place to grow up. We’re treated to warm weather, beautiful beaches, and some super fun places to cool off on the hottest of days. From the award-winning Pirrama Park in Pyrmont to the rockpools of Avalon Beach, there are endless places to take your kids this upcoming (lockdown free!) summer. 

Life in Sydney is always full of adventure, but what happens when the fun ends and it’s time to dry off and bundle everyone into the car? The good times can end a little too soon when adults want to keep the car clean and dry, and little ones start feeling uncomfortable and tired.

That’s where a Zippy comes in!

What is a Zippy?  

A Zippy is a kids hooded towel or poncho designed to keep your little one warm after swimming or having a bath. Zippy towels are absorbent and made with cotton so they’re breathable and soft. Zippy beach towel with hoodie is a great way to make sure your children are dry before you head inside, without having to struggle to dry and get them changed on the beach or before you get on the road. Zippy hooded beach towel comes in a huge range of sizes for babies and toddlers, so there’s something for everyone!

Where to Use Zippy Kids Hooded Towels to Make Life a Breeze

Now that we know what Zippy kids hooded towels are, let’s explore some situations in which they can make your life a little (or a lot!) easier:

  1. After a trip to the water park: whether you’ve spent the day at the aquatic play area at Centennial Park or The Playground at Darling Quarter, your kids will likely need to dry off. There’s loads for kids to do in any of Sydney’s many water parks- so much that you may have a hard time getting your kids to wrap up the sliding and swimming! A hooded towel is a convenient and comfy way to wrap your kids up as you make your way to the car or showering area. 
  2. After a trip to the beach: unlike Sydney’s many waterparks, the beach doesn’t tend to have extensive showering and drying amenities. After a long day of building sandcastles and swimming in the cool Pacific waters, your kids may not want to change their clothes right away. A zipper towel allows you to wrap them up and put them into the car without having to worry about a separate towel plus a change of clothes. If your home is a short enough drive away, your kids can just wear their Zippy towel hoodie and head straight for the shower when you get home. It saves you a step, plus some valuable space in your backpack, which means more room for snacks!
  3. Bath time: for some children, bathing is not the most fun experience. Some kids enjoy it, but others may find the experience a bit of a sensory overload. You can make this event a little easier for them by coaxing them in with a hooded towel in their favourite colour. Use the towel to signify that bath time will soon be over, and if they let you bathe them, they’ll soon get to enjoy some snuggles in their new, comfy towel! 
  4. Relaxing at home: if you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a pool, your children will probably spend a lot of time splashing about during the summer. With a kids’ swim poncho, you don’t need to worry about your little ones wrapping themselves up and then discarding a wet towel in a mystery place somewhere inside. Instead of having to go searching for an extra item of clothing, your kids can wear their towels! They’re super comfy, so your children won’t even feel like they’re drying themselves off, but when the time comes for everyone to head back inside, they’ll be ready for pyjamas. 
  5. After a day at friends or family: we’ve all been there – you go to pick up your child from a friend’s house, or you’re getting ready to leave after a day with family, and they’re running around, still full of energy. It’s time to get them ready to get in the car, they’re wet after playing in the pool or with water toys, and the moment you start to bring the energy level down… they turn into a monster! Zippy kids hooded towels can totally save the day – just slip it on and bundle them into the car. No tears, no strops. At least, none from trying to get them dry and in clothes!


From the caves and cliffs of North Curl Beach to the iconic Bondi, Sydney has so much fun to offer. It’s a water lover’s dream, offering glittering oceans, sandy beaches, and so much fun for the little ones.

With children, it’s all about logistics, and we parents often spend a lot of time looking for ways to save time and energy. A day at the waterpark is always fun, but when everyone’s tired and ready to go home, you want to be able to gather everyone and head home with the least hassle. Your kids’ hooded towels are all you need to make your day at the beach or water park just a little easier, and who doesn’t want that? Get your kids their own Zippy hooded beach towel today!

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