7 ways to get your child enjoying the beach/pool

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It’s nearly the perfect time to get your kids outdoors and active, which is why we've put together a list of 7 ways to get your child enjoying the beach/pool.

1. Learn about water and how to stay safe in it.

The first step to making sure your kid enjoys their time in the water is making sure they are aware of how to stay safe in it. When you're playing on or around water you need to be aware of things like currents, waves and tides so that you can keep yourself out of danger.

2. Add games into the mix

Kids love games, so why not add them to your day at the beach? Building sandcastles is always a kids' favourite at the beach because they get to use their imagination and creativity. You can also try playing beach ball or frisbee with your children for some fun competition!

When it comes to kids and water, adding games into the mix will not only keep them busy but also keep them entertained while they're playing safely in shallow waters or on dry land as well!

 3. Make sure to include their favourite toys

Whether it's getting out their favourite stuffed animal from home or grabbing some new ones from stores. Making sure that they have their favourite toys while they're away from home will help them feel comfortable being outdoors.

4. Bring their favourite snacks 

Meals at home can be a little hectic during the summer months, so it's best to bring along some snacks for yourself and your kids. Make sure it's something quick and easy like fruit sticks or granola bars so that you don't have any meltdowns because everyone's hungry but there is no food available!

 5. Make sure they wear sunscreen (and sunnies!)

Sunscreen is also key when heading out into the sun because not only does it protect our skin from burning, but it also prevents harmful UV rays from having long term effects on the skin (which can happen even if you don't feel like you're getting burned!). Kids sunnies are also all the rage these days. Be sure to get a decent pair, that will protect the kids eyes against the suns rays.

 6. Don't forget Lifejackets

If your child doesn't float well on their own yet, make sure they wear a lifejacket or flotation device whenever they're near water, even if they don't think they need it yet. In case of an emergency, having a flotation device on them will allow them to stay afloat until someone can help them. If you don't have one already, you should invest in an appropriate safety device for your child's age and weight.

 7.Give them Zippy towel hoodie!

Aussie kids know how to have fun in the sand and water, but they also need to be kept safe while doing so. Zippy by Rad Kids has created a wearable hooded beach towel that will keep your child warm, dry, and happy!

Zippy towel hoodies are the world's most comfortable hooded towels with zipper for kids. It's soft, absorbent and easy to wear. You'll never have to worry about your child being cold or wet again with this amazing product. Whether it's at the beach or poolside, Zippy will keep your little one looking cool no matter what.

There are many reasons why a Zippy Kids Hooded Towel is a great choice for kids:

  • It keeps them dry – The material used in the Zippy hooded beach towel is super absorbent and breathable, which means that no matter how much they splash around, they will stay dry inside.
  • It keeps them clean- This also means there is no need to worry about getting sand or water all over your little one, making it perfect for wearing in public places like the beach or poolside.
  • It’s easy to use – All you have to do is slip your child into their Zippy Kids Hooded Towel and zip it up! They can then run around freely without worrying about losing their towel.


There are numerous ways you can get your child to enjoy the pool or beach, but at the end of the day, it's important to remember that each child is unique in their needs and what they enjoy. It's also important to have patience and understanding when monitoring children.  While safety precautions and rules should be observed, it's just as important to have fun with your kids too. And don't forget, you might learn something surprising about them along the way!

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